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Каталог организаций
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Контактное лицо:.
телефон/факс:4767946 и факсу 4767946
Виды услуг:самокопирующиеся бланки
Дополнительная информация:COMMODITY NAME: Tree pulp CATEGORY: Unbleached sulfate; Unbleached sulfite; Brown [unbleached] pulp. (Or one of this kind of pulp) MATERIAL: Sulfate; Sulfite; Basicity. SPECIFICATIONS: International standard QUALITY: According to GOST 6501-73(82). ORIGIN: Russia, Ukraine SIZE: any. CONTRACT PERIOD: 12 months. QUANTITY: 10,000 MT (1ton=1000kg) (first times) DELIVERY TERMS: FOB any Black Sea port of Ukraine. TO PORT: TIAN JIN NEW POPT (In China) THE WAY OF PAYMENT: L/C (Letter of credit) DELIVERY: First shipment to begin within 45 days after receipt payment stipulated by the contract. OUR REQUIREMENT: The price of pulp
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